What is your favourite thing to drink or eat first thing in the morning?

Are you one of those people who can not start the day without a cup of your favourite coffee? You know what I mean, just the thought of it helps you pull the blankets back and jump out of bed. You love the smell as you scoop out the vibrant scented grinds, the visual of the perfect drips of coffee dropping into your favourite mug can’t help but bring a smile to your face. It causes a feeling that overcomes you and you know its going to be a good day. That first sip, awakens your taste buds, you wish you could hold onto this feeling all day.

Yes, I understand. But for me it is not that cup of coffee but a creamy, rich piece of chocolate. I know, sounds crazy right? But for me, even first thing in the morning I cannot not wait to get out of bed and hold that chocolate treat in my hand. The excitement of unwrapping the package , the smell lingering in the air and perfect shape waiting to be consumed. Placing it in my mouth as it melted,my heart was filled with love ,my taste buds satisfied. Yes you can say I love chocolate but not just any chocolate, I believe that you need to consume great quality chocolate to really appreciate its true value. And I did just that, I ate it first thing in the morning and last thing before bed.

You could easily say I am a chocoholic
This is where Em’s Chocolate began. My passion for chocolate.

I wanted to allow the average person to experience what the excellent chocolate taste like. I want people to enjoy the same passion I have for such an amazing, fun treat.

So where to start? Research, studying, reading and training were my first steps, then I began playing with chocolate. Allowing my love and passion to flow into my creations. I would have friends and family try and evaluate my products until I had them perfect. I am so excited that we are ready to launch our website and share with you our wonderful chocolate treats.

The name Em’s comes from the my beautiful daughter Megan Emily. She is my right hand. Megan knows and understands the quality that Em’s Chocolate is known for. My son Alex, and husband Dan are my taste testers and honest critics. My family are my biggest fans and I am so grateful for them.

I hope that you and your family enjoy my creations.